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August 2019 Update

August, 2019

I just reached 55 years as a priest, having been ordained in 1964, on July 2. On August 2, I  celebrated 60 years as a Redemptorist. I took my first vows in 1959. I spend a lot of time recalling incidents over the past 60 years or so;…

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July 2019 Update

Dear Friends of Sarnelli House,

              June is always time to plow the fields, and prepare the beds in order to scatter rice, so as to have the seedlings grow to about 6-8 inches, and then in July pull up the stalks and transplant them in t…

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June 2019 Update

The kids are now all in school; the college kids are finishing their second term, while everybody else is weeks into the new school year. Brother Keng has found a two story building in Nongkhai, and older boys who have found jobs in town will rent th…

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May 2019 update


     ….and the kids are buying books, clothes, shoes and paying for the first term tuition. Getting ready for school here is much more complicated than in other countries. First, the kids, boys and girls, have to…

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April 2019 update

Happy (Thai) New Year!

    Our Thai New Year which consists of at least three days of adults pouring water on people wishing them well, to younger people throwing water and talcum powder at each other, and also drinking way too much Johnny Barleyc…

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March 2019 Update

Another school year has passed, with two little lads graduating from kindergarten; 14 boys and girls from B.6 (end of grade school); 8 graduated from M.3 (end of junior high), with two girls graduating from senior high, and six girls graduated from v…

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February 2019 Update


       The runts are all back in school, and already looking forward to the March-May school vacation. The senior high kids and kids in vocational school are studying and working. Our 24 college kids have a new s…

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January 2019 Update


              We hope everyone had a good Christmas season and a happy New Year! My house is on a 12 rai (6 acre) piece which contains a big deep fish pond, my house and office, a kitchen /laundry building, a cottage for two boys w…

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