May 2018 update

Dear Friends of Sarnelli House!

              It has been raining a lot here in Northeast Thailand, so the trees have leaves, the dust and smoke from paddy fires is gone, and the grass is now green. The tractors are out plowing the fields and our fertilizer machine has cranked out enough pellets for planting. Later this month, we will plant rice seedlings, if the weather is co-operating. It is still the hot season though, and so far it has lived up to its name!

              It is now official. The new house for the junior high girls will not be finished by the opening of school, and probably not by the end of June. Since many of the workers are rice farmers, I am sure they will leaving work to plow and prepare their own fields. This will push the completion day back even further. To further complicate the situation, the herd of hussies from Viengkhuk (junior high girls) are on my case for not finishing the house on time!

              Right now we are wrapping up the school vacation period. The kids have been on trips. Camping, swimming, and special schools for reading and math have so far taken up their time. Our football team (soccer to Americans) beat the Diocesan minor seminary team 4-1. Our older kids are working during this 2 month vacation period. Those going on to college will work until college opens up for the new scholastic year in late August. The children have new clothes bought, and the housemothers are washing and ironing the clothes for the opening.

              Ben and Angelique Ummels are here from Holland, and Ben is a Physical Therapist from a hospital in Maastricht who is working with our kids, and some adults who were crippled with AIDS or strokes, etc. Among the adults is me. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday he tortures me for an hour. His wife helps, and I am making fabulous progress from my stroke, with a little way to go. I’d like to go home to the U.S. in late June, perhaps for one last trip. At my age though, it doesn’t pay to make long range plans!

              In conclusion, I again thank you for your kindness and concern! God bless you, and the kids, staff and I will be praying for you and yours every evening.

Fr. Mike

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