Sports day

The holidays have come to an end and the children have by now all returned to their kindergarten, grade school, high schools or vocational colleges. Before the new term began, Sarnelli House held a sports day for all of the children. Each child was on either the black team or the white team and there were football matches, penalty shoot outs, basketball games and 'chairball', which is similar to netball but involves a player standing on a chair and holding a laundry basket.

The football matches were fiercely contested and the children showed no favours to their housemates on the other colour's team. The older boys' game went to a penalty shoot out, increasing the tension and causing screams of support from each colour's supporters. The girls' game was great fun too and even the little boys had their own penalty shoot out.

Those who weren't playing at any given time enjoyed watching on and cheering their team mates. There was a break for lunch before the basketball and chairball kicked off. It was lovely to see everyone together, sitting around, having fun. Thanks to Brother Keng for organising the day and for his encouragement of the children throughout. The kids were exhausted after all their activities but loved the big day. It was a great way to bring the holidays to an end.

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